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Pokemon Journal

Day 1

Being a level 85 in Stormwind is getting boring so i am going to start raiding. Whats this? A raid for Deathwing? Cool, i am going to sign up for that one. Whats this? It was a trap!...................

Day 2

Where am I? I need to find a Village........ No! This cant be! That fake raid trap took be to a different world, a world of beasts called Pokemon'! I need to get a item called a pokeball for I can catch one of these beasts.

Day 3

With this pokeball, i have cought a beast called Enbuoh. It is stong as me, this world will be fun, for now. I have also put my Armor away for i do not scare poeple.

Day 4 part 1

I have entered this city with a gym. I went in and met a young man, he asked me if i wanted to battle for a badge. I asked him what the badge was for, so he t''''''old me to go to the pokemon center. A lady named Nurse Joy signed me up for the pokemon leage, so i said "That is what these badges are for." "Yes." she said "the pokemon leage is for the stongest of trainers that have all 8 badges. All you need to do is beat all 8 gym leaders then go to the pokemon leage to battle for the pokemon master cup." But just when she finished, a guy ran in the pokemon center and was all in love with Nurse Joy. Then another guy ran in yelling at the other guy. "Brock!" I thought he was acting like a chicken, but he was yelling at the first guy.

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