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[[Category:Articles needing more information]]
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[[Category:Rival's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Fire Pokémon]]

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Ursula's Flareon
ウララのブースター Urara's Booster
Ursula Flareon
Trainer: Ursula
Debut: DP174: Last Call, First Round!
Evolved: Less than 1 episode as an Eevee
Evolves In: DP174: Last Call, First Round!
Ursula used two Eevee in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Her performance involved evolving them into a Flareon and a Vaporeon. Ursula also used Flareon during the second round in a double battle along with her Gabite, where she faced Dawn. However, she ended up losing the Contest. Flareon's known moves are: Iron Tail, Hidden Power, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Fire Spin, and Shadow Ball.

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