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(ウララ Urara)
Gender: Female
Region: Sinnoh
Class: Coordinator
First Appearance: Another One Gabites the Dust!
Voice actor: Melissa Schoenberg
Ayako Kawasumi

Ursula is one of Dawn's rivals. Like Dawn, she also wishes to be a Top Coordinator.


Ursula has cherry-colored eyes and dark cream pink hair tied in lavender ribbons. Her casual wear is a white mini-coat held by another identical ribbon, a sky blue dress, white pantyhose, and white low-heel pumps. Her regular contest outfit is a long, black shirt with puffy cuffs, a black choker in her neck, and a long dark red skirt. In the Grand Festival, she wore a different choker, a periwinkle dress-coat held by a large white ribbon, with a violet top and a soft blue skirt underneath.


Her appearance was firstly seen in the Chocovine Contest. She is always seen as being over-confident and has a grudge against Dawn because during their first encounter, Dawn's Pachirisu disliked her Poffin.

Despite being a strong competition in Contests and other Coordination matches, Ursula always loses to Dawn but believes herself to be the superior Pokémon Coordinator (suggesting she has something of a superiority complex). During a flashback with Dawn, she told her that she entered the Wallace Cup but she lost during the Appeal Round.

She entered the Sinnoh Grand Festival and passed the Appeal Round with her Evolution Strategy of her two Eevees. Thus making it to the Top 32. She was defeated in the very first round by her rival none other than Dawn. She is seen looking sadly at the final battle between Dawn and Zoey.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Ursula Gabite
Gabite appears to be Ursula's main Pokémon that she uses in Contests. It was first shown in Ursula's debut appearance acting a lot like Ursula. Its battling skills got it to the final stage of the Chocovine Contest however its attacks oculdn't cut it agasin't Dawn's Pachirisu and she ended up losing. It was next seen giving an unusual double performance with Ursula's Jigglypuff winning the first stage. It was then used to battle Dawn in the Grand Festival alongside Ursula's newly evolved Flareon even though it controlled the entire battle and nearly wiped all of Dawn's points it along with Flareon got knocked out by their Ice Chandelier combination.
Pokémon Information
Ursula Wormadam
Ursula used her Wormadam in her Appeal Round of the Chocovine Contest. Its dazzling attacks easily put Ursula through to the second stage. It has not been heard of or seen since.
Pokémon Information
Ursula Plusle Minun
Ursula often uses Plusle and Minun in double performances. After learning of Dawn's fear of Plusle and Minun, she decided to use them in her performance to scare Dawn. It used creative ways and combinations which easily allowed them to socre a major lead however in the finals of the Daybreak Contest when they were about to finish Dawn off time ran out and Dawn won which Frustated both of them.
Plusle and Minun
Pokémon Information
Ursula Jigglypuff
Ursula used Jigglypuff in her Daybreak Town contest with her Gabite. It used its round body to show off its movements and style. It was later used alongside Vaporeon in the first round of battling in the Grand Festival where it easily won using Sing.
Pokémon Information
Ursula Flareon
Ursula used two Eevees in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Her performance involved evolving her two Eevees into a Flareon and a Vaporeon. It was used in her second battle where it faced Dawn. It used a combination of scary and beautiful attacks, giving it control over the entire battle, overwhelming Dawn, however it was knocked out, thus losing the Contest.
Eevee → Flareon
Pokémon Information
Ursula Vaporeon
Ursula used two Eevee in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Her performance involved evolving her two Eevee into a Flareon and a Vaporeon.
Eevee → Vaporeon


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