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Uproar Forest
[[File:<No image available>|225px]]
Floors 10
Boss 3 Mankey
Japanese Name (Japanese: さわぎの もり Uproar Forest)
Majority Grass
Missions Get rid of the Mankey
Game Red and Blue Rescue Team
How to Unlock
Look at a request by Wynaut and Wobbufett on the Bulletin Board.

Uproar Forest is a dungeon in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. There is a chance of finding a monster house in this dungeon.


Spoiler warning:
Plot and/or ending details may follow.
Unown Exclamation XY

A few days after completing Mt. Freeze, you will be asked for help by two Pokemon named Wynaut and Wobbuffet. After taking their job note on the Bulletin Board, Wynaut will inform you Mankey are furious, and will attack everything they see. After clearing the dungeon and defeating the Mankey, Wynaut will thank you and reward you with a peeled Chesnut. Later, the Mankey come to your base and want revenge, but after seeing the Chesnut, they settle down. Over the next few days, the Mankey help rebuilding the base, requesting Chesnuts every now and then.

Chesnuts can be found on B9F.

Pokémon Encountered

Mt. Steel Pokémon
Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Venonat 1-5 17 11.4%
Aipom (Blue) 1-6 15 7.2%
Seedot 1-9 16 11.2%
Roselia (Red) 4-7 16 7%
Nuzleaf 5-9 10 -19%
Mankey 8-9 11 10.9%

Note: Mankey are only recruitable after the clearing the dungeon for the first time.

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