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Unnerve is an ability that only Joltik and its evolution Galvantula naturally have, while fifteen other Pokémon may possess this ability through the use of Black/White's Dream World. It was first introduced in Generation V. Unnerve prevents the opponent's Pokemon from eating berries. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, It disallows the eating of seeds.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#595 Joltik 595 Type Bug Type Electric
#596 Galvantula 596 Type Bug Type Electric
#667 Litleo 667 Type Fire Type Normal
#668 Pyroar 668 Type Fire Type Normal


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#023 Ekans 023 Type Poison
#024 Arbok 024 Type Poison
#052 Meowth 052 Type Normal
#053 Persian 053 Type Normal
#142 Aerodactyl 142 Type Rock Type Flying
#150 Mewtwo 150 Type Psychic
#217 Ursaring 217 Type Normal
#228 Houndour 228 Type Dark Type Fire
#229 Houndoom 229 Type Dark Type Fire
#248 Tyranitar 248 Type Rock Type Dark
#284 Masquerain 284 Type Bug Type Flying
#416 Vespiquen 416 Type Bug Type Flying
#610 Axew 610 Type Dragon
#611 Fraxure 611 Type Dragon
#612 Haxorus 612 Type Dragon
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