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Union Cave

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Union Cave

ばんどうろ Bandōro

Location Information
Union Cave Johto Map
Location of union Cave in Johto.
Connecting locations:
Route 32
Union Cave
Route 33
Weather: Normal
Kind: Inside a Cave (None)
Needed HMs: Surf
Route 32--Union Cave --Route 33
A cave in Johto linking Route 32 and Azalea Town. Lapras can be found during Fridays at night, however there is only one Lapras.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Level Rate Version How
File:Sandshrew HGSS.pngSandshrew 6 30%Gold, Sliver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSliver Walking
File:Geodude HGSS.pngGeodude 6 30% Gold, Sliver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSliver Walking
File:Zubat HGSS.png Zubat 5-7 75% (Heart Gold and Soul Silver) 25% Gold and SilverGold HeartGold and SoulSliver Walking
Rattata 4-6 10% (Pokemon HeartGold and Gold)
HeartGold SoulSliver Walking
Buizel 25 25% Heartgold Grass (Sinnoh Sound)
Wurmple 23 25% HeartGold SoulSliver Grass (Hoenn Sound)
Hoothoot 24 50% Heartgold SoulSliver Headbutt Trees
Tangela 3-7 50% Heartgold SoulSliver Headbutt Trees
Tentacool 10-20 75% (Super Rod)
50% (Old Rod)
HeartGold SoulSliver Fishing with Old or Good Rod, Surf
Quagsire 25 50% HeartGold SoulSliver Surf
Lapras 30 Once per week HeartGold SoulSliver Talking to it on BF3


Union Cave Room 1 Union Cave Room 2 Union Cave Room 3

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