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The Underground Man (ちかおじさん Underground Man) lives in Eterna City. He is the father of Byron and the grandfather of Roark.



When the player character first meets him, he gives them the Explorer Kit. The other NPCs in his house describe various aspects of exploring the Sinnoh Underground.

He also gives a series of tasks, each with various rewards when they are completed:

  • Use the Explorer Kit and go to The Underground
  • Dig something out of the wall
  • Plant a Sphere in the ground
  • Dig a Secret Base
  • Decorate a Secret Base
  • Capture a flag from another player's Secret Base
  • Capture five flags from another player's Secret Base
  • Capture ten flags from another player's Secret Base
  • Capture fifty flags from another player's Secret Base


The Underground Man first appeared in The Grass Menagerie! while Team Rocket was exploring the Sinnoh Underground. He convinced Jessie, James and Meowth to dig up spheres and shards for him from the Underground, and fed them as a way of thanks. However, while they ate, he fled with the treasures.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum
Underground Man

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