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|color = Blue
|color = Blue
|region = Unova
|region = Unova
|locations = ↑North - [[Seaside Cave]]<br>←West - [[Undella Town]]
|locations = ↑North - ''[[Seaside Cave]]''<br>←West - [[Undella Town]]
|weather = Normal
|weather = Normal
|kind = Sea
|kind = Sea

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Undella Bay
サザナミ湾 Sazanami-wan
Undella Bay
Information about Undella Bay
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ↑North - Seaside Cave
←West - Undella Town
Weather: Normal
Kind: Sea
Needed HM: Surf, Dive, Strength, Flash

Undella Bay (Japanese:サザナミ湾 Sazanami-wan) is a location in Unova. It is the only location in Unova where the player can utilize the Hm Dive and it also has an ancient, sunken temple at the bottom. The temple holds mazes that contain treasures that can be sold to a man in the villa in Undella Town.

Pokémon Encounters


Surfing Spots (Rippling Water)


Fishing Spots (Rippling Water)

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