The Ukulele Pichu is an electric-type Pokémon appearing in the Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs specials.


Pichu saw that the other Pokémon on Dolce Island were captured and controlled by the Pokémon Pinchers which caused Pichu to think that they wanted to capture Pichu as well. Ben encountered a Pichu with an ukulele on Dolce Island. Pichu started to attack Ben with Thunder Shock, thinking Ben was the enemy. Ben captured Pichu to calm it down and told Pichu that he wasn't the enemy. Pichu then followed Ben on his mission to stop the Pokémon Pichers. Arriving at the Rasp Cavern, Pichu used Thunder Shock to knock a Pokémon Pincher out. By doing so, Ben and Pichu were able to go into the cave and they encountered Red Eyes in the cave. Red Eyes controlled a Cranidos and Cranidos attacked Pichu. Pichu dodged the attack and used Thunder Shock on Cranidos but it didn't affect Cranidos, surprising Pichu. Cranidos then used Zen Headbutt, smashing Pichu into the wall and breaking Pichu's ukulele in the process. Ben was able to successfully capture Cranidos and Ben and Pichu chased after the Pokémon Pinchers, only to encounter a Raikou later on who had appeared.

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Ukulele Pichu Thunder Shock
Thunder Shock Guardian Signs (Part 1)
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.