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|image = Tyson's Hariyama.jpg}}
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(テツヤ Tetsuya)
Tyson pokemon
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Hometown: Mauville City
Region: Hoenn
First Appearance: AG125: Like a Meowth to a Flame
Voice actor: Marc Diraison (English)

Tyson (Japanese: テツヤ Tetsuya) is one of Ash's friends who lives in Mauville City. He won the Hoenn Tournament as first place by defeating Ash. He first appeared in Like a Meowth to a Flame. His English voice actor is Marc Diraison.


Pokémon Information
Tyson has a Meowth that can use Thunderbolt. His Meowth also wears a hat and a pair of boots, meaning it could be based on the character Puss in Boots.
Pokémon Information
Metagross was the second Pokemon on Tyson's team. It appeared to recover the Moltres Flame from Team Rocket. It later appeared to battle Ash's Pokemon in the Ever Grande Conference. Against Swellow, it used its Psychic attack to freeze Swellow and lower its defenses while defeating it with a Hyper Beam. Against Grovyle, it took a couple hits from Bullet Seed and knocked Grovyle out with Hyper Beam before Leaf Blade was used. It battled and fell to Ash's Pikachu.

Metagross's moves are Confusion, Psychic, Hyper Beam, and Meteor Mash.

Pokémon Information
Sceptile is Tyson's third Pokemon seen at the Ever Grande Conference. In a double battle with Johnny's Aggron, it managed to use Detect to dodge Metal Claw and then defeated it with a SolarBeam. During the battle with Ash, Sceptile used SolarBeam against Glalie's Ice Beam, but caused an explosion that knocks them both out.

Sceptile's moves are Detect, Bullet Seed, and SolarBeam.

Pokémon Information
Tyson's Donphan was the fourth Pokemon revealed to be on his team. Along with Sceptile, Donphan was seen on the scoreboard knocked out with Johnny's Blastoise in the premilinaries of the Hoenn League Ever Grande Conference.It reappeared in Tyson's battle with Ash's Swellow. Donphan used Sandstorm and then landed Rollout on Swellow multiple times until the Swallow Pokemon hurled it back and slammed Donphan on its back, knocked out.

Donphan's moves are Sandstorm and Rollout.

Pokémon Information
Shiftry is Tyson's fifth Pokemon used in the Ever Grande Conference. It battled Ash's Torkoal and lost to its scorching Flamethrower.

Shiftry's moves are Mega Kick and Shadow Ball.

Pokémon Information
Hariyama was the last of Tyson's team to be used in the Ever Grande Conference. Hariyama was used in the battle with Ash. It fought and defeated both Ash's Corphish and Torkoal, but fell to his Swellow.

Hariyama's moves are Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Focus Punch, and Seismic Toss, and has the ability Thick Fat.


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