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[[Category:Female Characters]]
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Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Sunny Town
Region: Kanto
Friends: Jessie, James (Former friends)
Ash, Misty
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: IL036: The Bridge Bike Gang

Tyra is the character appearing in Pokémon: Indigo League.


Season 1: Indigo League

She battled Misty and it seemed like her Cloyster was the winner. She had known Jessie (or "Big Jess" as she was called) prior to the episode. Later, she and the rest of her gang helped Ash and co. get the medicine to a sick Shellder.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Tyra's Cloyster
Tyra used her Cloyster in her battle against Misty. Cloyster opened its shell and clamped on Psyduck's tail, making it scream in pain. Due to this, Tyra declared herself the winner of the match, much to Misty's anger and humiliation.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
IL036 The Bridge Bike Gang

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