Type: Wild by Rica Matsumoto (the Japanese voice actress of Ash Ketchum) is the Japanese ending theme song of the second season of the Pokémon anime series.


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♪ Masara Taun ni sayonara-shite kara

Dare dake ni jikan tatta darou Surikizu kirikizu nakama no kazu Sore wa chotto jiman ka na

Ano koro suggoku hayatte ita kara Kai ni hashitta kono suniikaa mo Ima de wa sekai-juu sagashite mo mitsukaranai saikou no boro boro gutsu sa

Itsu no ma ni ka Taipu: Wairudo Sukoshi zutsu da kedo Taipu: Wairudo Motto motto Taipu: Wairudo Tsuyoku naru yo Taipu: Wairudo

Soshite itsu ka kou iu yo "Hello my dream" ♪

♪ Since I've said good-bye to Pallet Town

I wonder how much time has passed Scrapes, cuts, the number of my friends Maybe they're things I take a little pride in

Since they were so popular at the time I ran to buy these sneakers And by now, they can't be found even if you search through the whole word They're the greatest worn-out shoes!

Before you know it, Type: Wild! Little by little, Type: Wild! More and more, Type: Wild! Gonna be strong, Type: Wild!

And someday I will say, "Hello my dream" ♪

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