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チュラ Tula
Black's Tula
Trainer: Black
Gender: Male
Debut: Lights, Camera...Action!
Current location: With Black

Tula is the fourth Pokémon owned by Black.


Tula was the culprit of a crime that almost ruined a commercial shoot of the BW Agency. After Black found that out, he battled and defeated Tula while capturing it. It was revealed that Tula once belonged to another trainer until Ghetsis's speech swayed him to release it.

Tula was used by Black in his third Gym battle against Burgh of the Castelia Gym. He was sent out to battle Leavanny when switched out. The match ended in a double K.O. after Tula had poisoned Leavanny.

Known moves

Move Episode
Black's Tula Electro Ball
Flash Battle at the Dreamyard
Electro Ball Wheeling and Dealing
Spider Web Wheeling and Dealing
Slash A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense
Electroweb Museum Showdown
Signal Beam Into the Quarterfinals!
X-Scissor What Really Matters
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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