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|type = fire
|type = fire
|name = Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine
|name = Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine
|image = Tucker_Arcanine.png
|japanese = Dome Superstar Heath's Uindi
|trainer = Dome Ace Tucker
|image = Tucker's Arcanine.png
|gender = Male
|trainer = Dome Ace Tucker (anime){{!}}Dome Ace Tucker
}}'''Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine''' is a {{type|Fire}}-[[Types|type]] [[Pokémon]] used by [[Dome Ace Tucker]] in his [[Double Battle|tag battle]] against [[Ash Ketchum]].
|debut = [[AG153: Tactics Theatrics|Tactics Theatrics]]}}
'''Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine''' is a {{type|Fire}}-[[Types|type]] [[Pokémon]] used by [[Dome Ace Tucker (anime)|Dome Ace Tucker]] in his [[Double Battle|tag battle]] against [[Ash Ketchum]].
==Known Moves==
|Type = fire
|image = Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine.png
|imageinfo = Aerial Ace}}{{MoveBoxMid|Flamethrower|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|type = fire
|othername = Tactics Theatrics}}{{MoveBoxMid|Aerial Ace|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|type = flying
|othername = Tactics Theatrics}}{{MoveBoxMid|Fire Blast|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|type = fire
|othername = Tactics Theatrics}}{{MoveBoxMid|Extremespeed|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|type = normal
|othername = Tactics Theatrics}}{{MoveBoxEnd
|Type = fire}}
{{anime-stub}}Fire Spin, Ember.
==Known moves==
[[Category:Fire Pokémon]]
{{MoveBoxTop|type=fire|image=Tucker's_Arcanine_Aerial_Ace.png|imageinfo=Aerial Ace}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Flamethrower|type=fire|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|othername=Tactics Theatrics}}{{MoveBoxMid|Aerial Ace|type = flying|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|othername=Tactics Theatrics}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Fire Blast|type=fire|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|othername=Tactics Theatrics}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Extreme Speed|type=normal|AG153: Tactics Theatrics|othername = Tactics Theatrics}}
{{MoveBoxEnd|type = fire}}
Tucker's Arcanine Extreme Speed.png|Using Extreme Speed
Tucker's Arcanine Flamethrower.png|Using Flamethrower
Tucker's Arcanine Fire Blast.png|Using Fire Blast
[[Category:Fire-type anime Pokémon]]
[[Category:Frontier Brains' Pokémon]]

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Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine
Dome Superstar Heath's Uindi
Tucker&#039;s Arcanine
Trainer: Dome Ace Tucker
Debut: Tactics Theatrics

Dome Ace Tucker's Arcanine is a Fire-type Pokémon used by Dome Ace Tucker in his tag battle against Ash Ketchum.


Known movesEdit

Move Episode
Tucker&#039;s Arcanine Aerial Ace
Flamethrower Tactics Theatrics
Aerial Ace Tactics Theatrics
Fire Blast Tactics Theatrics
Extreme Speed Tactics Theatrics
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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