Dome Ace Tucker is the third Frontier Brain of Hoenn region. He is in charge of the Battle Dome.


Tucker is a tall and lean young man. He has long purple hair that has two thick locks that stick up and small purple eyes. He wears a purple skintight vest with a large V-neck, white trousers, and purple ankle boots. He also wears large white fairylike wings on his back, a gold tiara on his head with a Poké Ball theme, and gold wristbands on his wrists.


Tucker appears to like showing off, as before he battles the player, he is seen dancing around the arena in front of the audience. He also appears very flamboyant, due to his bright and flashy appearance.



Dome Ace Tucker appears after 5 Consecutive Tournament wins for the Silver Badge. He then appears after 10 Consecutive Tournament wins for the Gold Dome Badge.



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He was shown to be angry at Emerald because of his personality, though in the match, Emerald lost to Tucker because of switching Pokémon. Though because of it, Emerald's last battle in the frontier was against him but because he was injured he can't battle but Red had an idea of a competition against all Pokédex Holders.

Battle Frontier

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E battle sprite

Silver Symbol

Gold Symbol




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