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Tubeline Bridge is a steel bridge in the Unova region, located between Route 8 and Route 9. Subway trains constantly rumble through the lower part of the bridge. Team Plasma will block the entrance until you've obtained the Dark/Light Stone and beaten the Icirrus City Gym.

Ghetsis is waiting near the exit to tell his story and also compliments you on getting the Light/Dark Stone.

On Friday evenings and nights, Bikers and Roughnecks appear for battles.


Trainer Pokémon Level
595 Joltik 37
559 Scraggy 37
552 Krokorok 37
Gain: Poké Dollar1120
Trainer Pokémon Level
626 Bouffalant 39
Gain: Poké Dollar1184


TM43 Flame Charge

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