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Trovita Island
ユズ島 Yuzu Island
Location info
Region: Orange Islands
Connecting routes:
Trovita Island OI
Location of Trovita Island in Orange Islands.
Gym info
Name: Trovita Gym
Leader: Rudy
Type(s): [[File:Type ???]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Spike Shell Badge SpikeShell Badge|Spike Shell Badge SpikeShell Badge]]
Pokémon Gyms

Trovita Island is the location of the third Orange Island Gym run by Rudy. To beat Rudy the trainer and Pokémon must first shoot targets while on a moving boat. Then they participate in a three-on-three battle in which Rudy must choose a Pokémon of the same type that the trainer chooses.

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