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A Trail is the first level of the The Right of the Island Challenges. These are different small trials which the player character must overcome before advancing towards the next part of the Challenge. They are assigned to you by the Trial Captains of each island.

List of Trials

Name Trial Location Type Totem Pokémon Z Crystal
Ilima Verdant Cavern Normal Gumshoos or Alolan Raticate Normalium Z
Lana Brooklet Hill Water Wishiwashi Waterium Z
Kiawe Wela Volcano Park Fire Salazzle Firium Z
Mallow Lush Jungle Grass Lurantis Grassium Z
Sophocles Hokulani Observatory Electric Vikavolt Electrium Z
Acerola Abandoned Supermarket in Route 14 Ghost Mimikyu Ghostium Z
No Trial Captian Vast Poni Island Dragon Kommo-o Dragonium Z


  • The final trial is a trial that the player accepts by his or herself.
    • The trial captain could be Mina, but she didn't even mention the trial site when she gave ideas for a trial.
  • There used to be a trial at Exeggutor Island, but it was closed.
  • The trial at Poni Island was the Alola region's first trial.


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