MD Treasure Town art

Treasure Town (トレジャータウン Treasure Taun) is the central village in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. It is populated solely by Pokémon, like the rest of the world presented in the game and anime special. It replaces Pokémon Square from the first games. Later, it was replaced by Post Town  in Gates to Infinity.

Treasure Town shops

Kecleon Shop

Run by Kecleon (younger; Kecleon Shop) and Kecleon (older; Kecleon Wares) . The younger Kecleon sells food, Gummis, throwing items, and other various items. The older Kecleon sells TMs, Wonder Orbs and other rarer items such as Keys. The same store appeared in the first game. There are also other Kecleon Shops that can be found in dungeons which sell different items, some of which that can't be found in this shop.

Duskull Bank

Run by Duskull, this bank allows the player to store money so it will not be lost if the party is defeated in a dungeon.

Electivire Link Shop

Run by Electivire, this shop allows the player to set moves, link them for combos, or remember forgotten techniques.

Marowak Dojo

Main article: Marowak Dojo

Run by Marowak, entering the back room of this shop will display a list of labyrinths for the player to explore, labeled by the types of Pokémon that inhabit it. Unfortunately, to enter one, the player must sacrifice all of their items. Each labyrinth has 3-5 floors, with the enemies getting progressively stronger as the player advances through the floors.

Chansey's Day Care

Chansey will hatch Eggs received as a reward for missions. The hatched Eggs will be at level 1 and know Egg moves.

Xatu Appraisal

Xatu will unlock chests found in dungeons for a fee of 150 Poké.

Spinda's Café

Located near the exit of Treasure Town, Spinda's Café has two new shops. This shop can only be accessed in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Recycle Shop

Run by Wobbuffet and Wynaut. Here the player can trade unwanted items for another item. It is possible to trade for Prize Tickets, which, when redeemed, will give the player a chance to win big.

Outskirts of Treasure Town

Wigglytuff's Guild

Main article: Wigglytuff's Guild

The Wigglytuff Guild is a place where Pokémon can train to become exploration teams.

Croagunk Swap Shop

Croagunk will trade a pair of rare Pokémon-exclusive items for rare hold items. It can be found in sublevel two of the Wigglytuff Guild.

Sharpedo Bluff

Sharpedo Bluff is a location west of Treasure Town, and is not really part of the town by itself. Its name comes from the Pokémon it is shaped like. It becomes the player's rescue team base after graduation. The Dugtrio from the guild can be seen here during several chapters, talking to the sea.

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