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The Explorers of Sky exclusive dungeon Treacherous Waters is unlocked by obtaining the 2 Star Master Rank, & has 20 floors. The level of each Pokémon here is determined by the floor, starting at LV 58 & increases on floors 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, & 19. Grudge, Mud, Random, Seal, Grimy, PP-Zero, Summon, Explosion, Gust, Selfdestruct, Slow, Slumber, Spin, Sticky, & Warp traps appear on all floors. Floors 5, 7, 10, 12, & 16 are rainy.


Curve, Detect, Persim, Power, Special, Stamina, Twist, & Zinc Bands appear on all floors as well as Gold, Heal, & Joy Ribbons, Gaggle Specs, Insomniscopes, Munch Belts, No-Aim Scopes, No-Slip Caps, & Pecha Scarves. Doom, Dough, Dropeye, Reviser, Slip, Via, & Vile Seeds can also be found on all floors along with Gravelyrocks, Mix Elixirs, Oran & Oren Berries. Apples, Max Elixirs, Blinker, Eyedrop, Joy, Quick, Sleep, Stun, Totter, Warp, & X-Eye Seeds also appear in shops. Blast, Heal, Hunger, Life, Reviver, Vanish, & Violent Seeds only appear in shops along with Geo Pebbles, Sticks, Big Apples, Sitrus Berries, Link Boxes, Calcium, Ginseng, Iron, Protein, & Zinc. All-Mach, Cleanse, Drought, Foe-Hold, Pierce, & Spurn Orbs can only be found in shops.


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