Orb Sprite

A Trawl Orb in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series is an item that draws in all the items on the current floor and places them around the user when used.

Beware: If you use this item in a floor where a shop is, you will be counted as a thief and will be ambushed by thousands of Kecleon if you do not escape out if the floor in time with your life. In Gates to Infinity, items in shops will not be trawled.

List of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Orbs
All-Hit - All-Mach - Blowback - Brushoff - Cleanse - Decoy - Drought - Escape
Evasion - Fill-In - Foe-Petrify - Foe-Seal - Foe-Stun - Hail - Hurl - Identify
Invisify - Itemizer - Lob - Longtoss - Luminous - Mobile Orb - Mug - One-Room
One-Shot - Petrify - Pierce - Pounce - Quick - Radar - Rainy - Rebound
Rocky - Rollcall - Sandy - Scanner - See-Trap - Shocker - Silence - Sizebust
Slow - Slumber - Snatch - Stairs - Stayaway - Sunny - Switcher - Totter
Transfer - Trapbust - Trapper - Trawl - Two-Edge - Warp

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