Traps are obstacles in dungeons. They will appear in any square on any floor of a dungeon. They are represented by a red X on the dungeon map.

Trap List

Chestnut Trap

Drops Chestnuts on whoever steps on it for 10 points of damage.

Spin Trap

Spins the Pokemon around and confuses it.

Explosion Trap

Creates an explosion that spans 5X5 squares around it. Damages anyone caught in it, and destroys all walls and items.

Gust Trap

Throws the Pokemon across the room until it hits a wall or it goes 10 squares.

Mud Trap

Decreases Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense, or Sp. Defence stat by 3.

Pitfall Trap

Deals 5 damage to the leader and drops him/her to the next floor. Knocks out other pokemon(cannot be revived with Reviver Seed) Only appears in dungeons with descending floors.

Poison Trap

Inflicts poison status to those who are not Steel or Poison type.

Pokemon Trap

Causes the items in the room to turn into Pokemon. Dissapears after activation. No effect if there are no items.

PP Zero Trap

Drops a random move's PP to 0.

Seal Trap

Seals a random move. The Pokemon can't use this move until it leaves the floor, or uses a specific move or item.

Self Destruct Trap

Creates an explosion that spans 3X3 squares around it. Damages anyone caught in it, and destroys all walls and items.

Slumber Trap

Inflicts sleep status.

Slow Trap

Decreases speed by 1.

Sticky Trap

If the leader steps on it, causes a item to become sticky and unusable. If another Pokemon steps on it, it turns their held item sticky.

Grimy Trap

May cause food items to be come Grimy food.

Spiked Tile

Deals 20 damage with piercing spikes. Trap is visibly set with the move Spikes.

Summon Trap

Causes 1-4 Pokemon to appear 1 square around the trap. Trap disappears after use

Warp Trap

Warps the Pokemon to a random place on the floor.

Stealth Rock

Deals damage equal to 12.5% of the Pokemon's max HP. No effect on the Rock-type Pokémon. Trap is invisibly set by the Stealth Rock move.

Toxic Spikes

Deals 10 damage and inflicts poison status. Is set visibly by the Toxic Spikes move.

Trip Trap

Makes the Pokemon drop it's held item in front of it.

Grudge Trap

Makes 1-4 pokemon appear around you and afflicts all Pokemon currently on the floor with the Grudge status.

Random Trap

Takes the effect of one of the traps on the floor. Always activates, regardless of IQ.

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