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Training Daze
(ロケット団 愛と青春の原点)
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon Chronicles Char. of the Day: Viper, Jubei
Episode №: #PC014 Main: Jessie, James
Aired: JapanFlag September 30, 2003 Recurring: Giovanni
UnitedStatesFlag August 19, 2006
Opening theme: Pokérap GS Minor: Jubei, Cassidy, Butch, Viper
Badge(s): Setting: Team Rocket Training Academy
Pokémon: Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Giovanni's Persian, Team Rocket's Raticate, Mankey (Julian's), Gastly, Gengar, Magnemite, Venonat, Geodude, Growlithe, Arcanine, Articuno (Statue), Snorlax (Costume)
Pokémon Chronicles

Training Daze (Japanese: ロケット団 愛と青春の原点 Team Rocket: Origin of Love and Youth) is the 14th episode of Pokémon Chronicles.

Episode Plot

As Team Rocket is blasted off, they worry they have been defeated and blasted off for too long. James searches through his pockets and loses his bottle caps in mid-air. One cap lands on Meowth and James examines it, realizing it is the one from his training days. Jessie remembers the days with all the strict training, pushing one to the limits. She remembers even having to steal a statue, while hanging in mid-air. Her partner lowered the rope down, allowing her to take back the statue. However, her partner and his Mankey slipped off the rope by accident, causing Jessie to lose the statue and triggering the alarm. The room starts to collapse, so Jessie escapes and meets with the drill sergeant, who reminds her she has failed the task once more. Jessie blames it on her partners, who aren't good enough for her.

The sergeant, Viper, goes to Giovanni, reporting the blue team - Butch and Cassidy - managed to complete their task well. However, the red team is not doing well, for Jessie has lost all her partners. However, Viper senses some ability for her, so Giovanni gives her another chance. A grunt walks into the room, showing a talking Meowth, who wants to be a member of Team Rocket. Elsewhere, Jessie is training and seeing Cassidy, they both start running on the treadmill too fast, even causing it to malfunction. Cassidy came and taunted Jessie, since she has a partner to work as a team. Jessie replies it is none of her business, so Cassidy claims Jessie is making a reputation about and may not pass because of that. Cassidy went off with Butch, leaving Jessie troubled. Meowth, despite Giovanni's Persian's displeasure, is eating the food in the room, claiming the key to success is disciple. Once finished, Meowth asks for more food.

Later, Jessie is approached by Viper, who admits they found a new partner for her - James. Jessie clarifies to James she won't carry him about, but James, confidently claims the last person was his mother carrying him. Viper reminds James Jessie does not have a partner for a time, but James thinks she does not have the right one. On the following day, Jessie and James are doing training on an obstacle course. After crossing some obstacles, they try to avoid pit fall traps. James falls in one, but claims tougher things should stop him, as he continues onwards. Meowth, however, goes to deliver coffee to the boss, but falls over a bucket, causing the light to get crushed by a broom and electrocuting him. Despite being shocked, Meowth gives the boss the coffee, but the boss has a task for Meowth, as a field agent.

Meowth joins James and Jessie, who are surprised to hear him talk. After Meowth has joined, Viper sends the teams to a location, where they must arrive with an item within 24 hours. As Jessie and James continue, Meowth stops for a break and eats the bread and drinks the water. While swimming, Meowth is on James' head, since Meowth can't swim. Jessie and James climb, but Meowth is too hungry and exhausted. James decides to give his own bread and water to Meowth, but gives James the bottle cap, since he is collecting them. Jessie notices this and comments James is a do-gooder. During the night, as James and Meowth sleep, Jessie goes to eat her bread and drink water. However, Jessie splits the bread and Meowth immediately joins her and eats the bread. James refuses, but Jessie thinks they need their strength to overcome the challenge, so James accepts. During the night, James thinks he, Meowth and Jessie could make a great team. Jessie likes that, but wonders how can she trust them. James promises to never let them down, giving Jessie hope.

The group is near a rope bridge, making Meowth cowardly. Jessie thinks Meowth he can find his own way around, but James reminds Meowth if they will be a team, they'd have to stick together. Jessie takes some careful steps and manages to cross the bridge. James, carrying Meowth, goes to do the same. However, the rope breaks, so James manages to get Jessie hold onto Meowth, who is being held onto James. James, thinking Meowth is in pain, drops off, shocking Meowth and Jessie. Later, Jessie and Meowth see James, wrapped in bandages, who is told he may not move for some time. Jessie, along with Butch and Cassidy, is being presented with a final test. Viper demands them to steal a caged red Snorlax, inside a tower. At midnight, a helicopter will arrive and must be loaded onto it. Should they fail, they will likely get caught and jailed, failing the test. Cassidy laughs, thinking Jessie has nobody but herself for the test.

Instead, Meowth goes with Jessie. Butch, Cassidy and their Raticate climb up the tower, while Jessie sees she has nobody but herself for this task. James appears, bandaged, disagreeing with her, as he removes the bandages. Jessie and Meowth worry for him, but James swore never to let them down. Jessie re-gains confidence and goes with James and Meowth to steal the red Snorlax. Facing many traps and guards, both teams run up and come to the top at the same time. Cassidy claims Jessie will always be a loser and goes with Butch to steal Snorlax. Cassidy, Raticate and Butch run towards the cage, but fall into a trap. James and Meowth do the same, but Jessie manages to catch Meowth. The alarm is ringing, so James goes to let go, but Meowth and Jessie catch him, reminding James they are one team. James knows if the guards catch them, they will be prisoners for eternity, but Jessie reminds James he promised they will be a team.

Hearing this, James is pulled up. They place device to inflate a balloon to lift the cage. However, an alarm, inside the cage is triggered. The Snorlax removes its head, revealing to be Viper, the drill sergeant, who claims they nearly reached their goal. At the academy, the teams gather, with Butch, Cassidy and Raticate bandaged. Cassidy is angry, but Jessie thinks she is just a sore loser. Viper comes and reminds the teams neither one of them finished the task. However, the red team, led by Jessie, got the furthest in this nearly-impossible task and are now known as field agents, while the blue team, led by Cassidy, are "Villains in Training". Both teams cheer, as they succeeded. In the present, Jessie realizes that moment, when they worked together and had the whole world in their fingertips. Despite it not working out as they had planned, Jessie raises the morale, as there are new opportunities to be found. Team Rocket *proudly* blasts off, with Wobbuffet.




Since Make-up would run while working out, Jessie and Cassidy did not wear lipstick when they were working out on the treadmill.


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