Trainer is an Electric-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue. It is a hybrid glitch Pokémon of Magnemite and is one of few hybrid glitch Pokémon which actually decompresses the target Pokémon's sprite correctly. It also shares Magnemite's base stats, though not its cry and movepool. Its full name is Trainer preceded by one illegible character. It can be obtained by performing the Johto Guard Glitch with Ledian. It becomes ゥ. B when traded to Pokémon Yellow. It is index number 205 and cannot be encountered directly in the wild.

If the player performs the Ditto glitch with a special of 205, a Jr. Trainer♂ will appear instead. Its Pokédex entry is two pages long, but the first page makes the whole screen turn white until the A button is pressed.

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