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Tracey's Scyther
Kenji's Strike
Tracey Scyther
Trainer: Tracey
Gender: Male (Most likely)
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Tracey Gets Bugged
Episode captured: Tracey Gets Bugged
Caught where: Murcott Island
Current location: With Tracey
Evolved: Not yet evolved

Tracey's Scyther was Tracey's most recent capture. It is old and has trouble fighting longer than a few minutes, causing it to be defeated by a younger Scyther who then exiled it from the group before its capture.


  • All of Scyther's known moves are Normal moves.
  • Tracey's Scyther is the first Pokémon owned by a main character that used an HM move.
  • Scyther's Skull Bash greatly resembles, a move introduced three generations later.
  • Scyther is Tracey's only Pokémon that has been captured on-screen.

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