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[[File:]] Image of the
Topo berry.
Nº 43 (R/S/E/OR/AS); Nº ?? (D/P/Pt)
Topo Berry
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Tree Not available
Flavor (Gen. III)
Spicy 0
Dry -3
Sweet 3
Bitter -3
Sour 3
Flavor (Gen. IV)
Spicy N/A
Dry N/A
Sweet N/A
Bitter N/A
Sour N/A
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A Topo Berry is a berry only obtainable in Generation III by the use of a Japanese only e-Reader card. If this berry is transferred to Generation IV it becomes an Enigma berry. As the card for this berry was only avaliable in japan the berry has no true english name. The Japanese name for this berry comes from the word "Potato", which is fortunately loaned from english.

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