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[[File:1125.png|thumb|320px|Tommy Grimm]] '''Tommy Grimm''' is [[Timmy Grimm]]'s father. Tommy Grimm's Dusclops once battled with Tommy dressed up as "The Phantom".
{{Missing Image}}
|region = Hoenn
|image =
|name = Tommy Grimm
|jname = タムラマロ Tamuramaro
|gender = Male
|class = Trainer
|hometown = [[Verdanturf Town]]
|family = [[Mrs. Grimm]] (wife), [[Timmy Grimm]] (son)
|friends = [[Ash Ketchum]], [[May (anime)|May]], [[Max]], [[Brock (anime)|Brock]]
|firstappear = [[AG061: Disaster of Disguise|Disaster of Disguise]]
|voiceact = [[Jamie McGonnigal]]}}
'''Tommy Grimm''' is a character appearing in ''[[Pokémon: Advanced Challenge]]'', who used to dress up as "The Phantom".
[[Category:Pokémon anime characters]]
[[Category:Male Characters]]
===Status unknown===
{{AnimePokémon|type = ghost|image = Tommy Grimm Dusclops.png|nameline = [[Tommy Grimm's Dusclops|Dusclops]]}}
{{Pokémon AG 2 char}}
[[Category:Minor Characters]]

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Tommy Grimm
(タムラマロ Tamuramaro)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Verdanturf Town
Region: Hoenn
Family: Mrs. Grimm (wife), Timmy Grimm (son)
Friends: Ash Ketchum, May, Max, Brock
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: Disaster of Disguise
Voice actor: Jamie McGonnigal

Tommy Grimm is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Challenge, who used to dress up as "The Phantom".


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Tommy Grimm Dusclops
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