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(タクト Takuto)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Rustboro City
Region: Hoenn
Family: Unknown
Class: Pokémon Trainer
Friends: *Max
First Appearance: Gonna Rule the School!
Voice actor: Bella Hudson (English)
Ikue Ohtani (Japanese)

Tommy is a student of the Pokémon Trainer's School in Rustboro City. He possessed extensive knowledge on the topic of Pokémon, and thus had an arrogant attitude. When Max visited the Pokémon Trainer's School, he felt challenged and thus challenged Max to a Pokémon battle, which they engaged in the next day. Initially winning against Max, their battle was interrupted by Team Rocket, who, with the entire class' combined efforts, was defeated. Afterwards, Tommy and Max lost some of the hostility they held toward one another.



Pokémon Information
Tommy's Magby
Tommy's primary Pokémon. Its only known move is Flamethrower.

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