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Todd Snap
(トオル Tōru)
Todd Snap
Gender: Male
Region: Kanto
Class: Pokémon Photographer
Friends: Ash
First Appearance: Pokémon Paparazzi

Todd Snap (Japanese: トオル Tōru), is a professional Pokémon photographer.



Season 1: Indigo League

He appeared trying to take picture of Pikachu under the request of Team Rocket in disguise. He took the picture of Pikachu and Team Rocket were repelled.

Season 4: Johto League Champions

Later, he joined Ash and co. in Johto to search for the Legendary Pokémon, Articuno. He joined the heroes when Team Rocket wanted to steal a Sunkern and some Swinub. Lastly, he went to the snow mountain and encountered Articuno, who protected them from Team Rocket. Todd took its picture and decided to remain near the mountain to take more pictures of Pokémon.


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Episode Appearances

Indigo League

Johto League Champions

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