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Name: Tiffany
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Fiore
Family: Unknown
Class: Part of Go-Rock Quads, Member of Go-Rock Squad
Friends: Clyde (Go-Rock Quad), Garret and Billy
First Appearance: Pokémon Ranger

Tiffany (Japanese: ミライ Mirai) is the only female sibling. Her favorite activity is shopping in Fall City where she makes her brothers or the grunts of the Go-Rock Squad carry her purchases. She was put in charge of searching for the legendary Pokémon in the Krokka Tunnel, so she blocked the entrance with rocks, making Aria and the player arrive to clear the rocks. Aria soon left and the player had to beat all the grunts while clearing the rockfalls and then had to face off against Tiffany, who summoned one Camerupt with a violin Styler to try to beat the player. Then Spencer  arrived and Tiffany fled. The second time the player encounters her she is in the Go-Rock Squad's main base and battles the player again, still with her favorite Pokémon, two Camerupt.

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