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Hometown: Vaniville Town
Region: Kalos
Friends:  ???
Class: Trainer
First Appearance:  ???
Voice actor:  ???

Tierno is a character from the Pokémon X and Y video game. He appears to be burly and nimble. He has a goal is to create a dance team with his Pokémon and he pays attention to Pokémon when they battle to see if he can incorporate with their actions into new dance moves.


Tierno, along with Trevor, Shauna, and Calem/Serena, meet with the player durring the start of the game in Aquacorde Town. Where he presents the player with their starter Pokemon: Chespin , Froakie , or Fennekin.

After defeating the Elite Four, the player can find Tierno in the cliff area of Courmarine City. He will ask the player to show him a Pokemon that knows a certain move. If the player shows him one, Tierno will give the player a Heart Scale . The move he asks for changes daily, so the process can be repeated multiple times. 


Tierno is a heavy-set boy with black hair that resmbles the leaves on Chespin's head. One of his most noticable qualities is that he has a rather overweight physique. Even so, this hardly seems to impact his desire to be a dancer.

He is shown wearing: a large black T-shirt that has a Vanillite design on it, orange cargo shorts, a yellow backpack, and matching black and yellow sneakers.  


Tierno is often upbeat and postive. While he strives to create a dance team of Pokemon, he is often distracted by the moves of other Pokemon durring battle.

The fact that he is overweight may suggest he likes to eat.


The only Pokemon Tierno is shown owning is a Corphish. The exact stats of this Corphish are currently unknown.


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