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Three Island Port
3のしまみなと, 3 Island Port
Information about Three Island Port
Region: Sevii Islands
Connecting locations: Three Island
Weather: Normal
Kind: Building
Needed HM: None
Generation(s) available: Gen. III

The Three Isle Port is a small section of Kin Island, which in turn is apart of the Sevii Islands. The port consists of a Seagallop Ferry boarding station and dock, also including a small grassy knoll where Dunsparce can be found. A cave between the port and the knoll could not be fully accessible until after the player has beaten the Kanto Elite Four and has the National Pokédex. A gold-seeker inside the cave claims to have discovered the cave and was exploring it for any gold, and when talked to after the player defeats the Elite Four, he will give a player a Nugget.

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