Ash's Talking Pokedex

This is the second Pokédex toy released to a United States market, known as Ash's Talking Pokédex by Hasbro, it connects to Pokémon Thinkchip figures and their cards.

Thinkchip Pokémon is the brand name of a line of toys released in America that allows players to collect, battle, and catalog limited amounts of Pokémon figures from every generation.


Generation I - II

The toy line was started in 1999 by Hasbro which released a Battle Stadium, Talking Ash figurine, and a Pokédex toy, all of which connected to the Pokémon figures and which also included trading cards listing the accompanying Pokémon's stats.

generation III - Present

Current Thinkchip Pokémon battle using a wireless remote to communicate rather than a platform or stadium and no longer come with cards. At this point, not all Thinkchip Pokémon were compatible with the technology of other sets, a problem which became more noticeable when the Generation III set was released with wireless compatibility that wouldn't work with previous generation sets.


  • A similar line to the Thinkchip series was released in 2004 named Pokémon Trainers Choice V-Trainer. Hasbro released these sets of digital Pokémon toys with "gym leader bases" in which the player would use the Pokémon figures they had to challenge the gym.

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