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Thaddeus' Amaura

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Thaddeus' Amaura
タケダのアマルス Takeda's Amarusu
Thaddeus Amaura
Trainer: Thaddeus
Debut: Coming Back into the Cold!

This Amaura is a rock/ice-type Pokémon owned by Thaddeus.


Thaddeus revived Amaura from a fossil, along with Aurorus. Amaura, upon encountering the heroes, played with them, with Aurorus watching over it. Team Rocket was interested and stole Amaura, then took off. Since Amaura gets sick when in warm weather (outside the lab), it emitted Aurora Borealis to let the heroes and Aurorus know where it is. The heroes found Amaura and rescued it from Team Rocket. After Aurorus has stabilized its temperature, Amaura was taken in a truck back to the lab.

Known moves

None of Amaura's moves are known.

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