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Gallade vs Gliscor.. hmm

For this page if i had to vote:

If i had to this fight Gallade would win i think other then that - yeah it's what i think so everyone knows,

So you know let me know whatcha think, Trainer Micah (talk) 15:29, April 2, 2014 (UTC)

Crygonal & Maractus...

I think these two pokemon could win in a double battle i've had a bunch of example in pokemon White & Black  as well as Black 2 & White 2 i used these two pokemon alot of time in double battles against some of there disadvantages types they blew me away back then...

So you know i had a good party to this was: Pikachu Unfezant Maractus Pignite Oshawott & Crygonal - Palpitoad switches Unfezant

This team i was about to challange Elesa's & Clay's gym in game when i went to the pc i had to think on what to use so i switched out  after challaged both there gyms i came close in fainted when i thought wow switch so i switched 'Pignite & Maractus for Crygonal & Oshawott they came through in a close fight but both pulled it off enough to win me my 4th gym & 5th Gym badges...

So you know i had a great memories of these two at levels 20's to 40's at least to where they would be commanded at least..

pikachu level 24

Unfezant lv.31

Maracrus lv 31

Pignite lv 28 to 30 'or so avarage leveled didn't evolve due to everstone in place though

Oshawott & Palpitoad were about level 30 or so

Crygonal's level was at 30 to 35 somewhere btw He'd battle Clays Excadrill & win

So you know & chat with you soon..'.Trainer Micah (talk) 13:49, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

Skrelp vs Carbink

Let's see... Skrelp is part Water and Carbink is part Rock! I think Skrelp will win in this match but If it evolved into Dragalge then it will lost against Carbink because Dragalge is part Dragon and Carbink is part Fairy! Nectaria (talk) 23:19, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

Gourgeist vs Sliggoo

I would have to say Sliggoo would win! I mean, Sliggoo is a dragon and I don't think Gourgeist can learn Ice or Dragon Type moves. Gourgeist is a Grass/Ghost and is too slow and weak to dragon. Plus I like Dragon Types so Sliggoo for the win!!! Even though he/she is pre-evolved. --GamerTimeUS (talk) 00:08, July 15, 2014 (UTC)

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