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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is a convenient way to embed Youtube videos inside a page.

{{youtube|video ID on Youtube|Caption of the video}}
{{youtube|video=video ID on Youtube or URL of the video|caption=Caption of the video}}

If no named parameter is used, the first unnamed parameter would be the video ID on Youtube. The second unnamed parameter is optional and would be the caption of the video, displayed below it.

Have in mind that if you put the complete URL of the video, you must use the named parameters instead, since the URL already includes a equal sign "=" and it makes the MediaWiki engine interpret that the text before the equal is a named parameter.

The following named parameters are available:

  • video: youtube URL or video ID.
  • caption (optional): caption to be displayed below the video.
  • width (optional): width of the video in pixels.
  • height (optional): height of the video in pixels.
  • thumb (optional): fill it with right or left to align the video to the right or to the left.
Video ID on Youtube

The video ID is a string of alphanumeric characters, and it's part of the Youtube URL of the video.

The following examples show Youtube URLs, and the video ID is in bold to help identify it:


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