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*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{2}}} Poké Pokédex]</span>
*[{{{2}}} Poké Pokédex]
*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{2}}}.shtml Pokédex data]</span>
*[{{{2}}}.shtml Pokédex data]
*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{1}}} Legendary Pokémon data] </span>
*[{{{1}}} Legendary Pokémon data]
*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{1}}} The Pokémon Database]</span>
*[{{{1}}} The Pokémon Database]
*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{2}}} Pokémon.Marriland data]</span>
*[{{{2}}} Pokémon.Marriland data]
*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{1}}} Pokémon Dream Pokédex data]</span>
*[{{{1}}} Pokémon Dream Pokédex data]
*<span class=plainlinks>[{{{1}}} Psypokes Psydex data]</span>
*[{{{1}}} Psypokes Psydex data]

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{{References|(insert the name of the Pokémon here)|(insert the Pokémon's National Dex # here)}}

Remember to use 3 digits for the Pokémon's National dex #. (ex. Bulbasaurs's # = 001 not 1)

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