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m (Created page with '{{Userbox |id = link=Pokepower:Project Surveillance |info = {{BASEPAGENAME}} is an anti-vandal. |i...')
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{{userbox|#FFD700|#FFE34C|[[File:Project Surveillance Image.png|40px|This user is an anti-vandal]]|This user is an [[Pokepower:Project Surveillance|<span style="color:#000000; font-weight:bold;">anti-vandal</span>]].}}<includeonly>[[Category:Pokémon Wiki Users who are Members of Project Surveillance]]</includeonly>
|id = [[File:Project Surveillance Image.png|40px|link=Pokepower:Project Surveillance]]
|info = {{BASEPAGENAME}} is an [[Pokepower:Project Surveillance|anti-vandal]].
|id-c= Gold
== Code ==

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Project Surveillance Image This user is an anti-vandal.



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