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Welcome to the Pokémon Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything that is related to the Pokémon World. There are 8,239 articles and we are still growing since this wiki was founded in January 2005. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Pokémon franchise. Don't forget to visit this wiki's Guidelines and Manual of Style before editing.
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Did You Know...
  • ... That you can get around Twist Mountain easily in the winter?
  • ... That Generation IV has more Legendary Pokémon appearing in one game than any other?
  • ... That Vespiquen is the only Pokémon that can learn Defend Order, Attack Order, and Heal Order?
  • ... That Ash owns all of the Grass-Type Starters?
  • ... That the move Covet in Generation III games would make you earn an endless supply of Heart Scale, Shards, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, and certain Berries, if used on the respective varying wild Pokémon?
  • ... That before Ash hatched Scraggy, the closest Pokémon he had to a Dark Pokémon was Corphish?
  • ... That Roost will temporarily get rid of the user's Flying-type the turn it's used?
  • ... That Samurott can walk on two legs?
  • ... That of the rodent Pokémon that appear early in the games, only Rattata is not brown?
  • ... That all of the pre-evolutions of May's Pokémon are starters in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, except Beautifly?
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Featured Pokémon of the Month
National Dex: 290 290Nincada
Type(s): Bug/Ground
Species: Trainee Pokémon
Abilities: Compound Eyes, Run Away (DW)
Nincada (Japanese: ツチニン Tutinin) is a bug/ground-type Pokémon of Hoenn region. It evolves into Ninjask, and, if the trainer has five Pokémon in the party and a free Poké Ball, a Shedinja will be added. Nincada can live up to 10 years underground, feeding on nutrients of trees. Due to underground life, Nincada are nearly blind, but await for their evolution.
Featured Character
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Flannery

Flannery is a character in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. A trainer of Lavaridge Town specializing in Fire-type Pokémon, Flannery has taken the position of Gym Leader recently enough. Even if she makes a lot of mistakes for a Gym Leader, her battle skills are much greater than it seems.

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Game events
Name: Sing Piplup Method: Wi-Fi Available: July 20th to August 9th
Name: Pokédex Guide Altaria Method: Global Link Available: November 18th, 2011 - November 30th
Name: Keldeo Method: Movie Available: June 23rd - August 31st
Name: Meloetta Method: Movie Available: July 14th - September 30th
United States
Name: Lucario Method: Global Link Available: January 12th - September 27th
United States
Name: Birthday Togekiss Method: Global Link Available: September 1st 2011 - August 30th
Event news

--Interruption of updates--

  • September 24: The Mewtwo being distributed in Japan has Electro Ball as a move, normally Mewtwo cannot learn this move.
  • September 12: A Japanese Mewtwo event shown through a CoroCoro leak. It will be at level 70 and, as of yet, no special characteristics are known.
  • September 6: A Zoroark knowing Snarl announced to be distributed at Toys "R" Us stores.

--Interruption of updates--

  • January 23: Cartoon Network moves Pokémon airing an hour later
  • January 21: Reading Gamerbase Tournament prizes revealed
  • January 20: Norway Celebi distribution announced
  • January 19: Nintendo reveals 3DS launch dates
  • January 19: Pokémon Blog reveals new English names
  • January 19: Best Wishes! dub title revealed
  • January 16: Victini, Zuruggu to be distributed this year
  • January 13: Black and White can be pre-ordered!
  • January 11: Mr. Miyamoto reveals the starter Pokémon English names
  • January 10: Shiny Entei is next for Event Pokémon
  • January 8: New Pokémon Episode
Upcoming and Recent Episodes
JapanFlag Episodes UnitedStatesFlag Episodes
XY034 The Forest Champion! Enter Hawlucha!! XY024 Climbing the Walls!
XY035 A Sky Battle!? Hawlucha VS Talonflame!! XY025 A Battle by Any Other Name!
200px Reflection Cave! Mirror World Ash and Ash!? XY026 To Find a Fairy Flower!
200px The Trevenant from the Wriggling Forest! XY027 The Bonds of Evolution
Pokémon the Series: XY

Festival of Battle - {{{Region}}}, Part {{{Part}}}

Welcome, welcome, to the first annual fight of the Pokémon Wiki, the Festival of Battle! I'm [[User:{{{User}}}|{{{User}}}]] and I will be your host of the Festival this week! The Festival, as you have read, features the battles of Pokémon in a specific region. Each weekend you can taste some of the battles these Pokémon will have, so give a big support for ones you like!


Now, let's hear for the commentators!

  • [[User:{{{Commenter1}}}|{{{Commenter1short}}}]]:

This is certainly a clash between two quite unusual and intriguing Pokémon: Gourgeist (a Ghost/Grass-type) the haunted jack-o-lantern gourd, and Sliggoo (a pure Dragon-type) the dragon snail. The way I see it, even though I am rooting for Sliggoo, I know that this battle could go either way, depending on many factors.

A Sliggoo with the Sap Sipper ability automatically has an advantage in its immunity to all of Gourgeist's powerful Grass-type moves. Despite the fact that Gourgeist possesses a very strong Defense stat, it has a relatively mediocre Sp. Defense stat. Sliggoo possesses an average Sp. Attack stat, and could land a super-effective hit on Gourgeist using Special Ice-type moves such as Ice Beam or Blizzard (learned via TM).

On the other hand, Gourgeist possesses strong physical Ghost-type moves (such as Phantom Force), which are likely to overpower Sliggoo due to this snail's low Defense stats – especially if Gourgeist uses Trick-or-Treat to add Ghost-type, endangering Sliggoo even more. The size of the Gourgeist is a very important factor to consider. A small-sized Gourgeist would have a Speed stat advantage over Sliggoo, but not as much physical attack power; whereas a large or super-sized Gourgeist would have a lower speed stat, giving Sliggoo the Speed advantage, enabling it to attack first. However, the larger a Gourgeist is, the more physical Attack power it has. Sliggoo would be able to land an Ice-type attack on a super-sized Gourgeist first due to the Speed advantage; but Sliggoo, being unevolved with average stats, might not be able to knock out a Gourgeist on its first strike. Sliggoo’s most powerful Dragon-type move is Dragon Pulse, which has a neutral effect on Gourgeist. If a super-sized Gourgeist survives a Sliggoo's Ice-Type move, or Dragon Pulse STAB move, and counters with Phantom Force, Sliggoo's average Defenses would not likely be sufficient enough to endure the hit.

No matter how large a Gourgeist is, its Defense and Sp.Defense stats remain the same. Truly it is Sliggoo’s Speed advantage over larger Gourgeist that might save it from being forever haunted by defeat!

  • [[User:{{{Commenter2}}}|{{{Commenter2short}}}]]:

Vote for your favourite!




Winners of the Festival Battles

Generation 6 Pokémon

Floette: 176
Binacle: 42
Goomy: 239
Slurpuff: 79
Pumpkaboo: 242
Aromatisse: 56
Skrelp: 179
Carbink: 119
–: –
–: –
–: –
–: –

Generation Pokémon

Charizard: 473
Vaporeon: 279
Steelix: 352
Sneasel: 163
Dusclops: 343
Cacturne: 144
Gabite: 373
Floatzel: 125
Lilligant & Hydregion: 320
Emolga & Liepard: 67
–: –
–: –

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