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Hello, welcome to our interview with this month's User of the Month, Slayingthehalcyon. So, let's get started!

#1 Q): How long have you edited Wikia as a whole?
A: I started July 6 2011.
#2 Q): What made you decide to change your user name?
A: Uhm it got really redundant. and I just got tired of typing it in. I needed something new and fresh.
#3 Q): What is your favorite type and/or Pokémon?
A: My favorite type is poison and my favorite pokémon is Toxicroak.
#4 Q): What do you like most about the Pokémon franchise?
A: It would have to be the "cute" cuddly characters that are impossible to forget. They value things that everyone should value.
#5 Q): Do you watch the anime. If so, who is your favorite character?
A: I do watch the anime. My favorite character is Cissy just because of her down to earth sensibilities.
#6 Q): What is your favorite part of editing on the Pokémon Wiki?
A: Well i have a few favorite parts: I get to help the community when there is a need. I get to step up and help lead the wiki in the right direction when its needed. I have gained more knowledge about Pokémon in the past few months than I think I ever knew. Its fun work.
#7. Q): How did find your way onto the Pokémon Wiki?
A: I was on the MH wiki. and I was like hey i wonder if there's a Pokémon wiki. and so the first time I came. You "Crimsonnavy" and Wattz were here, and it was of course the Im sorry you don't have the right amount of edits. so i left. then i came back some weeks later. because I had seen that there was no evolution guide on the pokemon pages.
#8. Q): Do you edit any other wikis than the Pokémon Wiki?
A: The Monster Hunter wiki, Zeldapedia some.
#9. Q): Are you excited for Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2?
A: Somewhat. I hope to be able to get them when they come out.
#10. Q): Do you have a(ny) best friend(s) on this wiki?
A: One of my best friends "and the person i go to when i need advice" Would be Wattz. he was so friendly when I first got here. And Bmltera and Kate, but they didn't help me much. I don't think Jäzzi wants her name on here but i consider her my friend.
Okay everyone, get back to work, it's time make this wiki the best resource of Pokémon information. -  CrimsCrimsonnavy PokéBallnnavy   C  S  01:08, March 5, 2012 (UTC)


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