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June 2012

National Dex: #433 433Chingling
Type(s): Psychic
Species: Bell Pokémon
Abilities: Levitate
Chingling (Japanese: リーシャン Lisyan) is a Psychic-Type Pokémon. It can emit cries by agitating an orb in the back of its throat. It also moves with flouncing hops. It is shaped like a little bell..... (more...)

May 2012



National Dex: #293
Type(s): Normal
Species: Whisper Pokémon
Abilities: Soundproof

Whismur (Japanese: ゴニョニョ Gonyonyo) is a Normal-Type Pokémon. It is a Basic Pokémon. Usually, its cries are like quiet murmurs (as its name suggests- 'Whis' from Whisper), but, if frightened, it shrieks at the same volume as a jet plane. .... (more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

April 2012



National Dex: #171
Type(s): Water/Electric
Species: Light Pokémon
Abilities: Volt Absorb/Illuminate

Lanturn (Japanese: ランターン Lantern) is a Water/Electric-type Pokémon. Lanturn is a periwinkle Pokémon that resembles a deep sea fish. There are also spots of yellow on it's tail and head. On top of Lanturns head are two glowing organs that allow it to see in it's deep, aquatic habitat. .... (more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

March 2012



National Dex: #061
Type(s): Water
Species: Tadpole Pokémon
Abilities: Water Absorb/Damp

Poliwhirl (Japanese: ニョロゾ Nyorozo) is a Water-type Pokémon. Poliwhirl is a large, amphibious froglet-like Pokémon. Poliwhirl has large hands and the hands appear to be like gloves. When a Poliwag evolves, the spiral on its belly reverses direction..... (more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

February 2012


National Dex: #531
Type(s): Normal
Species: Hearing Pokémon
Abilities: Healing Heart/Regeneration

Audino (Japanese: タブンネ Tabunne) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It is the Listening Pokémon. Its known attacks are Growl, Helping Hand, and DoubleSlap..... (more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

January 2012



National Dex: #459
Type(s): Grass/Ice
Species: Frost Tree Pokémon
Abilities: Snow Warning

Snover (ユキカブリ Yukikaburi) is a Grass/Ice-Type Pokémon, giving it a unique edge in battles. Its special ability is called "Snow Warning", which starts a hailstorm whenever it is put into battle that damages all types but Ice each turn.... (more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

December 2011



National Dex: #281
Type(s): Psychic
Species: Emotion Pokémon
Abilities: Synchronize/Trace

Kirlia (キルリア Kirlia) is a Psychic-type Pokémon and is the evolved form of Ralts, who evolves starting at level 20. Kirlia have two possible evolutionary forms, Gardevoir and Gallade.... (more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

November 2011

National Dex: #195
Type(s): Water/Ground
Species: Water Fish Pokémon
Abilities: Damp/Water Absorb

Quagsire (ヌオー Nuoh) is a Water/Ground Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Wooper at level 20... (more...)


Added by: Bullet Francisco

October 2011

National Dex: #024
Type(s): Poison
Species: Cobra Pokémon
Abilities: Intimidate/Shed Skin

Arbok is a Poison-type Pokémon and is the evolved form of Ekans. It can evolve from an Ekans starting... (more...)


Added by: Jäzzi

September 2011

National Dex: #596
Type(s): Bug/Electric
Species: EleSpider Pokémon
Abilities: Compoundeyes/Unnerve

Galvantula is a Bug/Electric-type Generation V Pokémon which appears in the Generation V games Pokémon Black and White. Its classification is the EleSpider...(more...)


Added by: Crimsonnavy

August 2011

National Dex: #419
Type(s): Water
Species: Sea Weasel Pokémon
Abilities Swift Swim

Floatzel is a Water Type Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Buizel. It floats using its well-developed flotation sac. It also assists in the rescues of drowning people....(more...)

Added by: Crimsonnavy

July 2011



National Dex: #289
Type(s): Normal
Species: Lazy Pokémon
Abilities Truant

Slaking (ケッキング Kekking) is a Normal-type Pokémon. It evolves from Vigoroth starting at level 36. It is the final form of Slakoth....(more...)

Added by: Crimsonnavy

June 2011



National Dex: #197
Type(s): Dark
Species: Moonlight Pokémon
Abilities Synchronize

Umbreon (ブラッキー Blacky) is a Dark-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Eevee if it has a high friendship level, and then leveled-up at night....(more...)

Added by: Crimsonnavy

May 2011



National Dex: #443
Type(s): Dragon/Ground
Species: Land Shark Pokémon
Abilities Sand Veil

Gible (フカマル Fukamaru) is a dual Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon. Starting at level 24, it can evolve into Gabite, which in turn evolves into the Pseudo-Legendary Garchomp at level 48....(more...)

Added by: Crimsonnavy

April 2011



National Dex: #350
Type(s): Water
Species: Tender Pokémon
Abilities Marvel Scale

Milotic (ミロカロス Milokaross) is a Water-type Pokémon and is the evolved form of Feebas. A Feebas will evolve into a Milotic when it has a very high Beauty stats and level up once during during Generations III and IV or through trade while Feebas is holding a Clean Scale during Generation V ....(more...) (archive)

Added by: Gaehwasan

March 2011


National Dex: #494
Type(s): Psychic/Fire
Species: Victory Pokémon
Abilities Victory Star

Victini is a Wi-Fi event Psychic/Fire-type Mythical Pokémon that will appear in the two new Pokémon games, Pokémon Black and White versions. It's classification is the Victory Pokémon. It has an ability called Victory Star which boosts the accuracy of its own attacks and the attacks of any other Pokemon ....(more...) (archive)

Added by: Crimsonnavy

February 2011


National Dex: #232
Type(s): Ground
Species: King Elephant Pokémon
Abilities Sturdy

Donphan (ドンファン Donfan) is a Ground-type Pokémon and is the evolved form of Phanpy, which evolves starting at level 25. A Shiny Donphan appeared in the anime in the episode Rollout! Loving Donphan!! ....(more...) (archive)

Added by: Crimsonnavy

January 2011


National Dex: #057
Type(s): Fighting
Species: Pig Monkey Pokémon
Abilities Vital Spirit or Anger Point

Primeape (オコリザル Okorizaru) is a Fighting-type Pokémon, and is the evolved form of Mankey. Mankey can evolve into Primeape starting at level 28. Primeape is a tan, monkey like Pokémon. It always looks angry, whether or not it is actually angry....(more...) (archive)

Added by: Latiasfan001

November/December 2010



National Dex: #429
Type(s): Ghost
Species: Magical Pokémon
Abilities Levitate

Mismagius (ムウマージ Mumage) is a Ghost-type Pokémon, and is the evolved form of Misdreavus. Misdreavus evolves into Mismagius by use of a Dusk Stone. It is unseen in the wild, but Misdreavus is able to be caught in the..... (more...) (archive)

added by Latiasfan001

October 2010


National Dex: 586
Type(s): Normal/Grass
Species: Seasonal Pokémon

Sawsbuck is a Normal/Grass-type Generation V Pokémon that will appear in Pokémon Black and White games. It's classification is the Seasonal Pokemon and has the abilities Chlorophyll and Sap Sipper. (more...) (archive)

August 2010


National Dex: 571
Type(s): Dark
Species: Illusionary Fox Pokemon

Zoroark is a Dark-type Pokémon and the first evolution of Zorua. It is a Generation V pokémon and it will appear in the upcoming Pokemon Black and White games. (more...)

September 2009



National Dex: #250
Type(s): Fire/Flying
Species: Rainbow Pokémon

Ho-Oh is a Legendary Pokémon found in the Generation II games. It is the version mascot of both Pokémon Gold and Pokémon HeartGold. Legends claim this Pokémon flies the world's skies continuously on its magnificent seven-colored wings. (more...)

May 2009



National Dex: #493
Type(s): Normal (default)
Species: Alpha Pokémon

Arceus is a Legendary Pokémon found in the Generation IV games. Mythology states that this Pokémon shaped the universe with its "1,000 arms". (more...)

April 2009



National Dex: #004
Type(s): Fire
Species: Lizard Pokémon

Charmander is a Kanto region Starter Pokémon. The flame at the tip of its tail is known to indicate both its life force and its emotions. (more...)

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