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Game(s): {{{game}}}
Preferred Type: [[{{{type}}} type|{{{type}}}]]
Hometown: {{{hometown}}}
Region: {{{region}}}
Debut Generation: [[Generation {{{generationnum}}}|{{{generationnum}}}]]
Elite Four Ranking: {{{eliterank}}}
Class: Elite Trainer


|image         = Image of character
|name          = Name of character
|jname         = Japanese name of character
|age           = Age of character
|hometown      = Hometown
|region        = Region
|relative      = Family of character
|type          = Preferred type
|generationnum = Generation in which they first appeared
|generationnum2= Any other generation they appeared in 
|game          = Games they appeared in
|anime         = First anime appearance
|voiceact      = Voice actor in the anime
|class         = any additional classes besides Elite Trainer
|appendant     = any side note to go with Elite Trainer
|eliterank     = Rank in order of strength (Example: if battled first in order, they ranked 4th, if battled last in order, they are ranked 1st and so on)}}

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