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  • ... That Tangela is the only pure Grass-Type from Generation I?
  • ... That Brock left the series to become a Pokémon doctor and help Professor Ivy?
  • ... That no Pokémon in Generation III or Generation V are evolved forms of previous Pokémon?
  • ... That Giratina is the only Pokémon in the Dragon trio in Diamond and Pearl that does not have a signature Dragon-Type move?
  • ... That if a Pokémon uses the move Dive it can still be damaged if its opponent uses Surf?
  • ... That Charizard is not a Dragon-Type? It is Fire/Flying?
  • ... That when it's hailing Blizzard's accuracy changes to 100%?
  • ... That Ash Ketchum is voiced by a female actress?
  • ... That Ash catches all three starters in Pokémon Indigo League, the Johto and Unova regions?
  • ... That the stone statues in Desert Resort are actually Darmanitan in Zen Mode?

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