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...that Tangela is the only pure Grass-type in Gen. I?

...that Rhydon has the honor of being the first Pokémon ever drawn?

...that Mewtwo in its awakened form appears in Pokémon X and Y?

...that the names Bisharp and Pawniard are based on chess pieces?

...that generation V is the only generation without a baby Pokémon?

...that Ekans name spelt backwards is snake and Arbok's name spelt backwards is kobra?

...that generation V is the only generation that doesn't have a Stadium series game?

...that Charizard is Ash's most Disobedient Pokémon except for in Mew vs. Mewtwo and toward the end of the Orange Island season?

...that Ash's Pikachu, Charizard and Sceptile have all beaten Legendary/Mythical Pokémon?

...that Ash has/had each Normal/Flying type Pokémon; an Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, and Unfezant?

...that in Pokémon white 2 that a maniac will buy a Star Piece for 100000 money but you sell it for 50000?

...that Landorus' Therian forme and Thundurus' Therian forme can fly?

...that in the Draw Something app Ash and Pikachu can be a choice to draw or guess?

...that in the first episode, it could very well be a young Oak vs. Agatha because Agatha has a Gengar and Oak has a Nidorino?

...that Feraligatr, the Johto Starter Totodile's final form, original name couldn't fit into the 10 letter limit. So it could've been called Feraligator. The same with Victreebel, as it should be Victreebell?

...that the first pure Flying-type Pokémon was introduced in Gen V being Tornadus? consoles have appeared in many of the mainline games?

...that Pokémon have even appeared on money?

...that Originally in Red/Blue, you could battle Professor Oak?

...that Brock for some reason thinks rice balls are donuts?

...that the first legendary birds each have a pun with their names featuring "Uno," "Dos," and "Tres?"

...that Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald is the only game in the main series where you see the protagonist's father?

...that The white “hair” of the male hero in Ruby/Sapphire is actually a hat?

...that Girafarig spelled backwards is still Girafarig?

...that Poison-types can't be poisoned. The same goes for Steel-types?

...that Giovanni is the only criminal boss not to endanger a legendary pokemon with his exploits

...that all champions have their names originating from a plant, except for the Johto and Hoenn champions?

...that Using a Caterpie Lvl. 100 could beat a Mewtwo Lvl. 100. The reason being Physic Pokemon do not like Bug types.?

...that in the anime, Ash's original starter was supposed to be a Clefairy, but it got changed to Pikachu pre-release of the first episode?

...that even though the name implies the Pokemon is a male, there can be a female Mr. Mime?

...that Slaking has the highest base stat total of any Pokemon in Generation 3 when you don't count the Legendary Pokemon?

...that all of the Grass Pokémon starters are based off of reptiles?

...that a shiny stone wasn't introduced until Gen. IV?

...that Johto and Hoenn are the only regions whose Normal/Flying types do not have a 2-stage evolution?

..that all the regions after Kanto have all of the types in them, prior and after the change of types to Magneton and Magnemite?

...that every region has a Psychic Pokémon legendary?

...that several Pokémon games have never seen release outside of Japan?

...that with Roxie added in Black and White 2, we only have three Poison Gym Leaders?

...that none of Ash's Water Pokémon starters evolved, Squirtle, Totodile, and Oshawott?

...that Remoraid is the only fish-like Pokémon that evolves to become a cephalopod Pokémon Octillery and not a sea serpent?

...that all legendary Pokémon do not evolve?

...that in Pokémon Red and Green versions in Japan, Mew's move set or role in the plot were not finished in time for the scheduled release? That was why Mew can learn any move and why it is not able to be caught through normal gameplay?

...that when Oshawott or Dewott use the move Razor Shell, their scalchop resembles a seamitar?

...that Entei is Fire type in the games, but appears to be Psychic in the 3rd movie?

...that all of the Regi Pokémon share a weakness to Fighting-type Moves?

...that Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon, all have the German numbers for one, two, and three part of in their names; "Eins", "Zwei", and "Drei?"

...that every Spinda has a unique pattern of spots. In the game, there are exactly 4,294,967,296 possible patterns?

...that Rhydon is tied with Lairon in weight, both of them weighing 264.6 lbs?

...that Venonat was originally set to evolve into Butterfree, and Metapod was supposed to evolve into Venonat?

...that Mewtwo and Parasect have similar cries?

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