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... that generation V is the only generation without a baby Pokémon?

... that generation V is the only generation that doesn't have a Stadium series game?

... that Charizard is Ash's most Disobedient Pokémon except for Mew vs Mewtwo Pokémon Charizard?

... Even though Lucario appeared in a generation III movie when he is a generation IV pokèmon?

... that Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are dogs?

... that Ash's Pikachu, Charizard and Sceptile have all beaten Legendary Pokémon?

... that Ash has/had each Normal/Flying type Pokémon; an Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, and Unfezant?

... in Pokémon white 2 that a maniac will buy a star piece for 100000 money but you sell it for 50000?

...that Landorous' therian forme and Thundurus' therian forme can fly?

... that in draw something Ash and Pikachu can be a choice to draw or guess?

... That in the first episode, it could very well be a young Oak vs. Agatha because Agatha has a Gengar and Oak has a Nidorino?

... That Feraligatr, the Johto Starter Totodile's final form, original name couldn't fit into the 10 letter limit. So it could've been called Feraligator. The same with Victreebel, as it should be Victreebell.

...That the new Eevee evolution, Ninfia, is called Slyveon in English?

...That the first pure flying-type Pokémon was introduced in Gen V being Tornados?

...that Spiritomb and Sableye are the only Pokémon that have no weakness?

... That Generation II was released before Generation I?

...That Gengar and Clefairy were the first Pokémon that were made? If you look at their shape, you can see that it's kinda the same. Gengar is Ghost-type and Clefairy is Normal-type, which means that they can't touch each other - and that meant that they as the first and only Pokémon wasn't able to bring harm!

...That Crasher Wake is the only gym leader that Ash challenged that the gym leader did not defeat any of Ash's Pokémon?

...That Reshiram and Zekrom are the only mascot pokemon that doesn't have the ability pressure?

... That Sinnoh is the only region so far that all the starters final form are all dual types? ... That there was a theory of Genesect being a modifying version of Kabutops?

... That Kyurem is the only Pokemon that is Dragon/Ice Type that can use the only fire type move from Reshiram, Fusion Flare?

... That only Piplup is the only water-type starter pokemon that learns peck at an early level?

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