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  • ... That Trubbish looks like a ripped garbage bag?
  • ... That when a new generation starts (with the exception of the first), Pikachu gets overloaded?
  • ... That Rotom spelled backwards is motor?
  • ... That Lucario, Scraggy, and Scrafty are weak against Fighting-Type attacks even though they are Fighting-Type Pokemon?
  • ... That Ash's Butterfree was the first Pokémon to be caught by Ash, the first to evolve, the first that Ash used to win a Pokémon battle, the first to be traded away, and the first to leave Ash?
  • ... That Ash's Gible is the second of Ash's Pokémon to destroy someone's bike, the first being Pikachu?
  • ... That Piplup is the only Water-type starter not to learn the move Water Gun?
  • ... That Samurott can walk on two legs?
  • ... That May is the only female travel companion of Ash's without a walking Pokémon?
  • ... That when you pick a Starter your rival picks the advantage of yours and the other one picks the disadvantage of yours?

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