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  • ... That you can get around Twist Mountain easily in the winter?
  • ... That every region from Generation I-IV are based on actual regions in Japan? ex- Kanto-Kanto, Johto-Kansai, Hoenn-Kyushu, and Sinnoh-Hokkaido
  • ... That Bug-Type and Fighting-Type are resistant to each other?
  • ... That Swampert is the only Water-Type fully-evolved starter not to learn the move Hydro Pump?
  • ... That Joltik is the smallest Pokémon and Wailord is the biggest.
  • ... That Oshawott is the only Starter Pokémon that has a vowel initial?
  • ... That Roost will temporarily get rid of the user's Flying-type the turn it's used?
  • ... That Generation III & V (excluding remakes) do not feature Taillow & Pidove respectively as one of the two Pokémon the player encounters being one Normal and the other Normal/Flyingin the first Route. With Kanto's Rattata & Pidgey, Jotho's Sentret & Hoothoot and Sinnoh's Bidoof & Starly?
  • ... That a male Kirlia will still evolve into Gardevoir if the player don't use a Dawn Stone?
  • ... That there was originally 15 types and that Dark and Steel was added in Johto?

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