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  • ... That using the action replay can get you a male Petilil?
  • ... That the Unova Region is based on New York City?
  • ... That Rotom spelled backwards is motor?
  • ... That Cilan and Falkner are the only first gym leaders in their respective region who don't use Rock-Type Pokemon?
  • ... That Gastly is the lightest Pokémon and Groudon is the heaviest?
  • ... That Caterpie and Goldeen have the same cry?
  • ... That Normal-type Pokémon are not super effective against any other type?
  • ... That when it rains, Hurricane always hits targets without missing?
  • ... That of the rodent Pokémon that appear early in the games, only Rattata is not brown?
  • ... That all of the pre-evolutions of May's Pokémon are starters in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, except Beautifly?

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