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  • ... That Alomomola is not related to Luvdisc in any way?
  • ... That Charizard's and Rhyhorn's cry are the same?
  • ... That Uxie Mesprit and Azelf have personality based powers?
  • ... That Professor Rowan is the only professor in the games where you don't meet one of their relatives?
  • ... That the Pewter City and Viridian City Gyms are both earth element gyms?
  • ... That all of the Pokémon starters in Sinnoh are from different classes: Turtwig is a reptile, Chimchar is a mammal and Piplup is a bird.
  • ... That all Gym Leaders' names are a play on the type they specialize in?
  • ... That all the Pokémon regions have their own legendary trio?
  • ... That Generation III & V (excluding remakes) do not feature Taillow & Pidove respectively as one of the two Pokémon the player encounters being one Normal and the other Normal/Flyingin the first Route. With Kanto's Rattata & Pidgey, Jotho's Sentret & Hoothoot and Sinnoh's Bidoof & Starly?
  • ... That a foe using Fly can be damaged by Stone Edge, Thunder, and Rock Slide?
  • ... That there was originally 15 types and that Dark and Steel was added in Johto?

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