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  • ... That Magnemite and Magneton are the only Pokemon to have their Type officially changed, from Electric to Electric/Steel?
  • ... That Groudon is not a Fire-type. It is Ground-type?
  • ... That no Pokémon in Generation III or Generation V are evolved forms of previous Pokémon?
  • ... That Dig is the TM28 in all generations?
  • ... That all Pokémon Professors are named after plants?
  • ... That Phione is descended from Manaphy, but does not evolve into Manaphy?
  • ... That there is only one Poison-Type gym?
  • ... That Eevee's name is also a palindrome, Eevee spelled backwards is Eevee?
  • ... That Ash has caught all of the Grass-Type starters?
  • ... That you can get all of Rotom's forms in Pokémon Black and White?

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